Welcome to Wöltingerode Monastery!

One place - 1000 possibilities.
Discover the whole diversity of our monastery complex and let yourself be inspired.

Welcome to Wöltingerode Monastery!

One place - 1000 possibilities.
Discover the whole diversity of our monastery complex and let yourself be inspired.

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Nature, enjoyment and hospitality – with us, the Harz shows its most beautiful side. At the foot of the Harz Mountains and at the gates of the World Heritage city of Goslar, the Wöltingerode monastery has watched over the Oker Valley and the adjacent lands since 1174. To this day, the complex is a wonderful starting point for excursions – but also has a lot to offer within the historic monastery wall.


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Founding of the Wöltingerode monastery as a Benedictine monastery - by sons of Count Ludolf I of Wöltingerode
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Conversion into a monastery for Cistercian nuns - laying of the foundation stone for the monastery in its current form
13th century
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First heyday of the monastery, not all applicants can be accepted; Creation of important manuscripts and founding of daughter monasteries
15th century
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Second heyday of the monastery
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Monastery becomes Lutheran
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Monastery returns to the Catholic faith
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Monastery becomes Lutheran again
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valuable manuscripts from the library leave the monastery direction Wolfenbuettel
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plundering of the monastery
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Wöltingerode becomes a Cistercian nunnery again
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Monastery becomes Lutheran
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The monastery goes to the Prince Bishopric of Hildesheim and remains there until 1803 Catholic
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a devastating fire destroys large parts of the monastery
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Founding of the monastery distillery for reconstruction
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Completion of the construction work
1803 & 1806
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Secularization - the monastery goes to Prussia, then to France
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Wöltingerode is sold – Jérome Bonaparte raises the monastery by Decree and sells it to Treasurer Israel Jacobsen
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Wöltingerode is bought back – end of Jérome's reign, prince-bishopric Hildesheim goes to the Kingdom of Hanover
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Wöltingerode goes to the General Hannoversche Klosterfonds – a fund established in 1542 for the administration of monasteries beyond the denomination, today: Klosterkammer Hannover
1918 – 1993
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Seat of the rural women's school of the Reifenstein Association
1993 - 2005
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Founding and teaching of the WelfenAkademie in the Wöltingerode monastery
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Opening of the four-winged monastery building as a hotel


Klostergarten Wöltingerode im Harz

Hildegard von Bingen lived from 1098 to 1179 in what is now Rhineland-Palatinate. Nevertheless, the work of the abbess has left its mark on Wöltingerode Monastery to this day. Hildegard von Bingen, who was accepted into the monastery as the tenth child of the family at the age of 8, officially became a Benedictine nun at the age of 15 after comprehensive scientific training and finally founded her own monastery, is still considered one of the most influential female polymaths today. Her teachings of the connection between people, environment, body and soul have a strong appeal.

The natural and medicinal writings of Hildegard von Bingen, in which she combined knowledge of medicinal plants and diseases from the Greek-Latin tradition with traditional regional approaches from the people, are of particular importance. In her Physica, for example, she describes almost 300 herbs, shrubs and trees and their healing properties.

The knowledge of Hildegard von Bingen also found its way into the herb garden of the Wöltingerode monastery. As in other monasteries, it was of great importance, not only for the medical care of the nuns. The monastery also played a major role for the population as a contact point for complaints. The experiences made here were a source of knowledge for the new secular pharmacies from the 14th century.

In our herb garden, visitors can now get an idea of the shape of a monastic garden and go in search of traces. Which plants do you recognize by their scent? What was this herb good for again? Which flower can do more than just look pretty? Have fun exploring!


Kalender Wöltingerode Events


Easter in Wöltingerode Monastery

Celebrate the Easter holidays with us – with singing in the monastery church and a festive table in the monastery hotel.

beer garden opening

Freshly tapped beer from the Altenauer brewery and finally good food in the open air again.


holiday in the country

Summer in Wöltingerode: an experience for the senses. Beautiful nature, many excursions and the Brocken almost on the doorstep.


Wöltingerode under steam

Rattling tractors, craftsmanship and a program for the whole family: the highlight of the annual calendar.


Advent market in Wöltigerode monastery

Visit our winter wonderland and discover countless gift ideas for the holiday. Also a culinary highlight of the Christmas season.

Wedding Fair Marry Me

Here everything revolves around the most beautiful day in life. Discover a wide range that will make your wedding an unforgettable experience.